What is Divine Love Healing? How is it different from other forms of healing?

Divine Love Healing fundamental premise is that all healing comes from God. We are a vessel, we are God’s sincere instrument, acting as a pipe who links the heavens to the Earth. We leave the outcome to God and success is often a reflection of the combined faith of the healer and the one receiving the healing.

Let’s dive a little deeper. 

A channeled quote by Sri Yarisupta through Canadian medium Al Fike gives us some insight:

When one is healing as one of God’s instruments of Love, there is always Love and you will attract the beautiful angels who are wonderful healers and those who minister to the mortals of earth. There is no restriction because with the Blessing of Divine Love, the palette that you use, the colors, the energies, the feelings, the openings widen, for there is no limit when the soul is aligned with God. The only limits are ascribed by the mind seeking to formulate patterns and rituals in the healing arts, who have been taught this by others. Indeed these rituals have a purpose at times, but generally I would suggest that you allow God to guide you in your practice. Allow your heart and your soul to dictate your movements, where you focus upon the body, the sense of your body, the way in which you administer to another. Often this is like a fluid dance as energies flow and you as the healer responds. Though our mind may have trouble making sense of these motions, these hints, the soul is in charge and is being used as a channel for God’s Blessings..”

He continues by giving us a beautiful reminder:

I tell you, each of you have a healing gift to some degree and in some way. Your opportunities to serve in this way will come as you continue to pray to be a servant of God. As you grow in the Father’s Love, this highest of Blessings, so you bring this added gift that also transforms and awakens these healing energies in ways that are beautiful and remarkable. So I urge you, those who wish to be a healer to give in this way, do not limit this blessing with your minds, but realize that what you have experienced in your life so far is merely the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. As you humbly continue to progress in Love, seeking to serve as you do, channels of love and light, healing and peace, much will be revealed, much will be manifest upon this journey of service and soul awakening.

This is the beauty of Divine Love a blessing from our Creator which is bestowed freely to everyone who intends to receive it. Once received, it never leaves you. It heals and transform you in deep and loving ways. Keep seeking it. Be ready for the unexpected! There is always a positive response to a soulful prayer!

Be assured, you are never alone on this journey! 

Love and blessings to you.