Hello, my name is Blue Thunderbird Woman, also called Debra.

My conscious healing journey began in 1998 when I met my first spiritual teacher; a woman who, for nearly a year, seemed to be wherever I went. I could not shake her! Thank you God. I’ve had many teachers since, both in life and in spirit, however this one remains my most trusted adviser and a dear friend.

Choosing the label of lightworker, I walked the Reiki way for many years, training up to Master/Teacher level and beyond with tutoring by a Reiki Grande Master from Calcutta. I especially enjoy healing work with animals and upon experiencing the process and results, I was drawn toward Shamanic medicine.

In 2008, I traveled the rainbow bridge from Reiki to Shamanism through a course created and delivered by a Shaman/Reiki Master in Saanich BC. She taught me how to incorporate drumming with Reiki and how to successfully guide others on a Shamanic a drum healing journey. Oooh, I love this work too!

In the early days of my new healing study and practice, I was introduced to a Cree Elder and Medicine man who mentored me in ritual healing methods, including the use of song and prayer for healing purposes. This teacher has passed into spirit and we have maintained our connection.

Sometime in 2017, I quite literally drifted into the Divine Love vortex that is Jeanne Fike, while in the pool at the Sechelt Aquatic Centre. Jeanne invited me to attend a benefit home concert at her home a few nights later. Soon after, I started participating in Divine Love prayer circles at Jeanne and Al Fike’s home.

Taking wisdom from my 40 years as a sales professional which is: Negotiate directly with the highest authority. I feel I’m now finally doing just that in my healing practice. Thank you Jeanne & Al, thank you Guides & Angels, thank you God. 

Email Debra at totallytaylord@gmail.com