Discover the peaceful feelings of the soul and the deep loving joy of being embraced by God’s Divine Love during an hour long prayer, often blessed with a channeled message from celestial spirits.


If you are after an event that can truly nurture the deepest part of your being, heal all the concerns of your week and leave you with the peace that passes all understanding, please join us!

The Divine Love prayer practice intends to familiarize you with the silent whispers of your soul. Your soul is the antenna that God has chosen to communicate with you. It is the real you.

Communication with God does not come from words and thoughts, it comes with deep feelings, it comes with the yearnings of your soul, your willingness to listen and your ability to put aside all of the thoughts and energies of your material mind.

This remains understandably a mystery to many!

For while your soul might be immersed within the waters of God’s Love, your head often remains above this water, your mind reeling with the many concerns of this world, your intellect seeking to dissect and to build constructs of the mind.

But you must find your way and this is why we sit in circles to help each other to get in touch with our souls so that all our wonderful gifts might open!

This is the best thing you can do for yourself.

It is through the soul that we may receive powerful inflows of God’s Love. Divine Love is available to all, it is the highest vibration in the universe, the most potent healer, the ultimate one-on-one relationship!

But we cannot expect to wholeheartedly feel the Love Divine until we make the free will choice to walk with God. And then begins an eternal spiritual alchemy, a transformation of ourselves that will heal us and guide us towards a life of service, freeing us from human perspectives.

The key is the Love. The flow of that Love sweeps you into that soul-awareness, it expands your soul so that all parts of your being are within it. God is Love.

Everybody is welcome in our circles!

Great fellowship has always been built when sitting in circles.

Numerous opportunities are offered to keep in touch: we organize online prayer circles, spiritual retreats and workshops ; we even have a global whatsapp prayer line where we post all our channelings and pray for loved ones.

Love and blessings to you!

At the moment, all our circles are running via Zoom. Please subscribe here.

Or Alternatively, you can join by consulting our online calendar of divine love circles at