Knowing from personal experience that the transformative nature of Divine Love is the highest healing energy in the Universe and that its capacity to bring peace, comfort and transformation, Jeanne Fike’s approach is to connect with others in sacred prayer and to allow God and the angels to bring their blessings of grace and healing energies to whatever conditions that are not in harmony.  

Jeanne offers loving, accepting prayers to help others move through their stuck places, listens with her soul and hears the cries of deep wounds, bringing one’s dark pain into the light of healing.  

She has helped hundreds of people find soulful strengths within that are temporarily hidden from view. 

Jeanne draws on a depth of experience and compassion to create opportunities for healing through the power of prayer.  Over time, notable shifts in gaining clarity, reducing anxiety, relationship distress, grief and difficult life events are possible outcomes that may be achieved.

Please contact me for healing at 

Offering my services by telephone on Tuesday afternoons.  Donations to Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation would be welcome.