There are many ways of receiveing a healing:

You can join one of our daily divine love circles and harness the power of long prayers which are intense and often you receive many blessings.

You can sign up for our monthly community healing where you are guaranted to receive at least 20min of healing from one (or more) of our healers present.

You can contact one of our healers directly (see them featured on our homepage) or find an extensive list below: 

  • Artto Aunap (Estonia). Email:
  • Bill Frase (Pittsburgh, PA, USA). Email:
  • Debra Taylor (Surrey, BC, Canada). Email:
  • Elizabeth Mack (Upstate NY, USA). Email:
  • Elizabeth Trask (Victoria, BC, Canada). Email: Website:
  • Geoff Cutler (Sydney, Australia). Email:
  • Jeanne Fike (Gibsons, BC, Canada). Email :
  • Maureen Cardoso (Abbotsford, BC, Canada). Email:
  • Karanne Lambton (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Email:
  • Michael Nedbal (Oahu, HI, USA). Email:
  • Raphael Legros (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Email :
  • Rickie Avitan (Richmond, BC, Canada). Email: Website: