More than 60 people (and counting!) have benefited already from a free dlh (divine love healers) community healing. Here is what they had to say:

Debra T, Surrey, Canada

“During my healing I could feel points of pressure, even pain, in specific areas associated with my healing request. The pressure eventually eased and the bones and muscles felt relaxed. During the second part of the healing I felt as though I was being wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and security. There wasn’t any pain by the end of the healing session.”

Maureen C, Vancouver, Canada

“I felt that my left ankle is fine now, whatever was here kinda of left me. I saw my dad come and talked to me and gave me advice. I felt more positive than when I woke up that morning. It was actually amazing.”

Leona, BC, Canada

“Amazing, what a gift, profoundly deep and healing by three clear of the most loving experiences I ever had. xo”

Angela, Toronto, Canada

“I am very impressed with the session and with all of you. It felt very powerful. I loved the music. It was deeply spiritual, haunting. It spoke to my soul and my entire being. I felt vibrations in my knee where I have a lot of osteoarthritis as if it was reacting to the healing. I was touched deeply. Thank you all!”

Montse, Vancouver, Canada

“It was a wonderful session. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Wilson B, Philippines

“I came in with a bloated stomach. I felt many sensations on my body. My stomach expanded at the beginning. Now it feels better.”

Anika, Nainamo, Canada

“I did feel myself lifted in the light, thank you. You are doing a beautiful service to the world.”

Angela, Toronto, Canada

“I felt a humming vibration in my feet and then it went up my hip. I put my hands on my hip because I am a Reiki healer. I saw wonderful colours of blue and purple. It felt very good. It was a win! My knee feels better. The spasms in my thigh have decreased. Overall, there is an improvement. This is my 3rd time with you. It is very powerful for me. I like that I can do that over the internet. I thank you for volunteering your time that way. It It speaks very highly of all of you. I will work on the things you identified for me.” 

Karyl, Seattle, USA

“Felt my hands and feet chakras tingling right from the start, nerves sparking. I have inflammation in my body and I could feel the energy breaking through clogged  areas. Lots going on in my thymus gland, lung area. During the first song, I felt bombarded with waves after waves of intense delicious energies. The second song, it was more like a fine tuning where everything was put into balance.”